A Community of Mothers

Welcome to a Local Community of Moms!

At MOPS & MOMSnext, we build community and encourage moms along their motherhood journey by providing practical and insightful wisdom through speakers on a wide variety of topics. Small group discussion allows for dialogue between moms on each subject. Icebreaker games, crafts, and activities are part of the fun, but what is especially amazing are the friendships formed here. We also meet together for play dates, family outings, and mom nights out.

MOPS is for moms with children ages 0-5!

MOMSnext is for moms with school-age children!

INTRODUCING: MOMSnext. This small group meets with MOPS. MOMSnext small group time will focus on our older kiddos (6+).

Our littles are no longer bitty and we can finally lift our heads (maybe for only a few minutes at a time), to find that the rest of the world is still out there and has more to offer than we’ve been taking advantage of in the past few years. We want to maximize this phase of parenting. Whether learning to read or learning to drive, our children need us in different ways now. As MOMSnext moms, we’re adjusting our parenting as our kids grow. As this phase of parenting flexes and changes, other parts do also. Marriage, career, faith, and recreation all start to look different. MOMSnext is a meeting structure intended to meet moms in this place – in the carpool line, library checkout, and the grocery register. MOMSnext is geared specifically to the mom past the preschool years, but still in full parenting mode.


3rd Thursdays at 6:30–8:30PM

9660 Tunstall Road, New Kent, VA 23124

MOPS Schedule

MAY 17


There is a MOPS International registration fee of $31.95. Included is a subscription to the MOPS magazine along with a bundle of surprises! When you register use our group code: Z4OJ.

RSVP (Via email below, on Facebook)

We want to be fully prepared for you and your child(ren). If you are a registered mom, your attendance will be assumed at each meeting unless made known otherwise. New moms are always welcome anytime during the year.

Please let us know if you are bringing your child(ren). We strive to ensure the safety of our precious little ones and space is limited. We know that unforeseen situations occur and completely understand.

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